Creating a Wildflower Meadow

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Preparing good ground

We will visit your school site to discuss what will work best for your space and school community – it will be great to hear from your students and get their input. From previous successes, we will be able to advise you about what will work well on your site.

Broad-bladed grass will rapidly outcompete native wildflowers, so if your space is turfed, we will remove the top layer to give our wildflower seeds the best chance.

Planting Day

This is when all the growing starts! On the planting day – there are lots of jobs for your students:

  • Scattering a broad mix of native wildflower seeds and raking or stamping it in to the soil.
  • Building bird boxes
  • Constructing a home for solitary bees
  • Preparing benches for some quite contemplation!