How to look after your Wildflower Meadow Habitats

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Great – so you would like some more information about how to look after your wildflower meadow. Here you can find details for the different habitats that students in our schools have created.

Groundskeeper details

The Wildflower Meadow needs to be mown or strimmed to a height of about 2 inches in Late October and in late February.
The cuttings should ideally be left in place to dry and allow seeds to drop before they are removed.
Once seeds have dropped, the cuttings should be removed and composted.

Bee Hotel Care

The Bee Hotel will attract Solitary Bees to lay their larvae in. These will hatch out in springtime. The Bee Hotel should stay dry, so it is positioned facing South. It could be removed and moved to a covered space to over winter between November and March (when at risk of frost). This will prevent any frost damage to the larvae.

Bird Box care

Please enjoy your bird box from afar, but don’t inspect the box when it is in use no matter how tempting it may be. The Bird Box should be positioned facing between North and East so that it is shaded and not facing in to our prevailing wind and rain. The RSPB recommend that bird boxes are emptied and cleaned each year after September – see their website for more details.