Preparation is well under way!

In lots of our schools, the turf has been cut, the site laid out and plans drawn up for our planting days.

Prep Day at Avonmouth CofE Primary School

A wonderful team of volunteers from Nisbets in the Community joined Nature Connection Lead, David, and the Eco-Lead at Avonmouth CofE Primary School to prepare the ground for their Wildflower Meadow.

We prepared and crafted:

  • Bare soil (removing the coarse grass is essential to let wildflowers take root)
  • Used the turfs to create a crescent bank that will act as a bench for small group investigation of the science and wellbeing benefits of the Wildflower Meadow
  • Create a ‘bouquet’ of standing dead wood
  • Brought in some more dead wood for the students to create log-pile habitats

After a dry stretch, the weather broke overnight and softened the ground for us nicely! Although, that did make the turfs heavier to carry. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day; preventing an absolute mud-bath.

Here are a few images from the Prep Day at Avonmouth CofE Primary School today

Many, many thanks are due to the volunteers for giving us their grunt work to enable this space to take shape.